About Me

About Me

Johnny Rogers - Make, Create or Build a WordPress WebsiteI Can Help You Build Your Very Own WordPress Website

Hello, let me start off by saying thank you for visiting my website.

I realize that with millions of other sites on the Internet, you could have gone to anyone one of them. But you chose to stop by here.

This website seeks to do three things:

  1. Help you build your own website using the WordPress CMS (content management system).
  2. Help you increase your web presence by building a website or improving on your existing website.
  3. Provide you with some tips or information to troubleshoot a problem you might be having with your WordPress website.

If you have arrived at this site and none of the three items above are what you’re looking for, then unfortunately, you are probably not in the right place.  Goodbye and Good Luck!

About My Experience

I have been involved in Website building and search engine optimization (SEO) for more than five years.  I am also, part of a corporate web team that is responsible for several public websites that get over 3 million visits per month, generating millions in annual revenue.

I have provided advice and service to countless clients paid and free.  The Internet is my passion and I love helping small businesses build a web presence.

My Hope for You

Finally, I hope that I can provide you with such a user experience, that you feel compelled to share this website with others you feel can benefit from it.  If you have a question about an issue that is associated with one of the three things above and I have not addressed it, please leave me a message and I will do everything in my power to either help you or point you to another website that can help.


Best Regards!


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