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The Myth of the Cute Website

Introduction You probably conducted all kinds of research before you launched your business and having a website was probably in the top 5 items that you needed in order to be successful. However, just having a website will not guarantee you success. Hopefully your research

Data Security

WordPress Security: Changing WordPress Security Keys

Better WordPress Security The above video is about WordPress Security keys and how to better secure your website by changing the standard default keys.  There are 8 security keys that are placed in your wp-config.php file during the installation and creation of your W

Help with my Website

A Bad Website Design Can Cost You Dearly in Business

Here is a great article from Stewart Lyman on how not to present your business website. Do I Have a Bad Website Design? There are all sorts of things that can be deal breakers for obtaining funding from potential investors, such as: Not clearly identifying your techno

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